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  1. May 5, 2014 at 11:49 am

    Hope all goes well.
    Christopher Murphy, CT – Democrat has agreed to an interview on May 12th sometime after 1:30 PM.
    I would like you to conduct the interview for [with]tv if you would please. Please let me know ASAP if
    you are interested and free.

    I will come down with a producer, camera, PA, and intern.

    You would talk to him about H.R. 831 by the Rep. Rep from Mississippi and a bill in
    the Senate that Murphy is interested in that concerns people with disabilities.

    You may also ask questions that you feel you/we should be asking, keeping in mind
    that we will be looking to get him on camera saying good things about [with]tv.

    This is our first shoot and I would be proud to have someone of your professionalism
    and experience conduct it. I have no money yet, but will in the future and will be able to
    pay you. I can certainly pay your cab fare, etc and buy you lunch, etc. My wife, daughter
    Victoria want to meet you as does my CT producer.

    This content will be on our Youtube channel, close captioned and descriptively narrated.
    It will also be on the web site and in the Kickstarter Project.

    When funded we will have a number of shoots in DC, LA, London, Dublin, Bermuda and
    elsewhere. Given your background I am hopeful that you will be available for these and for
    a regular segment on Politics, DC and Disabillities.

    I have so much to tell you and so much going on now that Victoria is finally well, after 14 major
    GI surgeries.

    Please let me know as soon as you possibly can. My cell # is below. I have lost your number.
    Hope you can do this. If you want to but cannot make that day I can see if the Senator can see
    us on another day, but I am imagining that if a Senator says come talk to me we should bite.

    Howard Renensland
    CEO & Founder
    (203) 216-1300

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