Post State of the Union Presidential Conversation Today at 5:30pm EST

Today’s the day, January 30th and at 5:30 pm EST the President will answer the public’s questions in a conversation – “Hang out with the President” streamed live on, and on the White House Google+ page.

There were a lot of issues brought up in the President’s State of the Union speech and a number that weren’t, disability being one of them.  The response from the community of advocates here in Washington, DC has been mixed and it is difficult to guage what the Administration’s response has been from the outside.  As such, I anticipate a significant disability presence that will be paying very close attention to:  1.  the questions chosen for the President, 2. the answers given and 3. any promises made.

From the White House website, so far, they have received more than 133,000 questions and more than 227,000 people have cast over 1.6 million votes.  What are the final issues that are at the forefront of the public consciousness?  We shall simply have to wait and see.