Super Bowl Ad – Deaf Joke and Behind the Scenes Video Clip.

One of the hottest videos on the net right now that is making the circuit of the disability community is Pepsi’s new Superbowl ad.  What makes it so interesting is that it takes a popular joke in the deaf community and turns it into something very unique. 


Video Description: Two deaf guys are drinking Pepsi while driving around on a dark street trying to find Bob's house. Each thought the other had the address, and as they are arguing in sign language, the driver has an idea to start honking his horn. The sound triggers dogs barking and all of the lights on the dark street of houses are now blaring, except one €” Bob's house! The two deaf guys enter the house carrying Pepsi and Bob signs sorry to all of the neighbors who have been awaken by the commotion.  (Description courtesy of Ms. Crip Chick)  

Below is a behind the scenes video about the making of the commercial ‘Bob’s House.’


I know that a number of folks have been posting the video clips but I think that we should do more than just pass them around. As a community we need to consider…what does it take to convince a major corporation to put forward such a commercial and what can be done to encourage more ads that include people with disabilities?

I will not entertain the idea that this is a sign of change in media. It isn’t. It is ONE very well done, very clever ad that I have no doubt will make people think. But the inclusion of people with disabilities GENERALLY into mainstream media commercials and film, I worry, is still something further down the road. In the mean time, let me put away my wet blanket that we might at least celebrate the small victory.