Day in Washington is on NPR!

My apologies for not posting yesterday.  I have no excuse other than excitement over the opportunity to speak on the Brian Lehrer Show which is on wNYC, a New York NPR affiliate. The discussion was  on the Obama Disability Agenda.  I have to thank, Brian Lehrer, Jody Avirgan and Megan who made it a simple and enjoyable experience.  Regular listeners to Day in Washington will probably be able to hear eactly how nervous I was.  *smile*

 One of the big issues I always advocate for is for greater integration of Disability into all issues and recognition of people with disabilities as a significant portion of the population, a minority population who’s needs and rights should be considered as valid as any other minority group.   It was one of the points I made during the show:  That it wasn’t Obama’s campaign promises or his Disability Agenda and how far down the list of promises he has accomplished that have made the difference but the fact that this is the first President who has actively sought out the disability community and has firmly stated that disability is a priority. 

The reason I bring this up, is to bring kudos to where it is deserved.  Brian and Jody, and Megan put a segment on THEIR show titled, “Obama’s Disability Agenda.”

 Last time I checked there were already 8 comments on the site and I’d urge others to comment as well.  If for no other reason than to let NPR know that this show did a good job in reaching out to address an issue that just isn’t usually on anyone’s agenda.

Link to the Brian Lehrer Show segment on the Obama Disability Agenda:

I just noticed however, that transcripts are not provided for the show.  I will work to have text available for this segment on Day In Washington as soon as possible.  Of course, this offers an opportunity for education.

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  1. Meg Poche
    November 21, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Day…I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of all that you are doing. This is fabulous. Must talk to you via phone sometime soon.

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