ADA Restoration Efforts – Senate Passage of the ADA Amendments Act

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Episode Summary: This episode covers the breaking news of the Senate’s Passage of the ADA Amendments Act. As many of you know, in spite of the progress wrought by the original Americans with Disabilitie Act, Supreme Court and lower court decisions have greatly narrowed the scope of who is protected by the ADA.  As a result, there have been significant efforts to pass a “fix” for the ADA – H.R. 3195 and S. 3406.  The House bill passed in late June.  Today, the Senate version passed by unanimous consent. 

Audio File: Day in Washington #29 (ADA Restoration Efforts – Senate Passage of the ADA Amendments Act)

Show Notes

– Introduction, Date of Podcast

– Need for an ADA “fix”

– Senate Passage

– Press Briefing Statement Quote – Senator Tom Harkin

– Press Briefing Statement Quote – Senator Orrin Hatch

– Press Briefing Statement Quote – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer

– Closing and Contact information

– Disclaimer


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    As many of you know, there have been significant efforts recently to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act, the civil rights act for people with disabilities for almost twenty years. In spite of the progress wrought by the original ADA, Supreme Court decisions and lower court decisions have greatly narrowed the scope of who is protected by the ADA.

    The result is H.R. 3195 and S. 3406 ADA restoration bills titled the ADA Amendments Act.
    The House legislation was passed on June 25th, 402 to 17. I was in the House Gallery then and today, I am proud to say that I was in the Senate Gallery when the Senate approved by unanimous consent S. 3406, their legislation to fix the ADA.

    The Senate bill is similar to the bipartisan H.R. 3195, originally introduced in the House by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. What this means is that S. 3406, the Senate bill must first go back to the House for a vote. Only after the House votes to accept this Senate version of the bill can it go on to the White House for the final presidential signature. Now, as to how quickly the legislation will reach the House floor.well, the word is that it is expected to reach the floor as early as Wednesday.

    Let me give you a few words from Senator Tom Harkin who spoke at the press conference following the Senate's passage of the ADA Amendments Act – “With today's vote, we have restored the promise of the ADA which was signed into law 18 years ago. The protections afforded under this historic law have been eroded and the result is that people with serious conditions like epilepsy or diabetes could be forced to choose between treating their conditions and forfeiting their protections under the law. That is not what Congress intended when we passed the law, and this bill is the right fix.”

    From Senator Orrin Hatch – “This is a historic day. This bill continues our ongoing effort to expand opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the American Dream. Passage of the ADA Amendments Act ensures that the Americans with Disabilities Act will continue to help change lives.

    From Congressman Steny H. Hoyer – “I am pleased that the Senate has followed the House and passed the ADA Amendments Act, a bill that is virtually identical to the one passed by the House on June 25 and will once again make America a world leader on a central test of human rights. I expect the House to pass this bill next week, and that the President will sign it.

    I think it fitting to close with another quote from Majority Leader Hoyer:

    “The Americans with Disabilities Act was a pledge: the promise of an America that excludes none of its people from our shared life.
    “Now, it’s time to keep that promise.”


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