Brazil Disability Television Request

Although I usually do not simply post forwards or on issues outside of disability policy. This is my one exception – disability and media. If you have any questions please do contact Lara or Gustavo directly. Thank you!

We are licensing films to be screened on a new TV program about disability for Brazil’s Public TV (TV Brasil). We are searching for short films on this issue. They can be either documentary, fiction or animation films as long as there is a disabled person as the main character. The running time cannot exceed 25 minutes. If you have or know of a film with these characteristics that may interest us, please contact us:

About us: We are the producers of Brazil’s International Disability Film Festival. ( After three editions the festival will become a weekly TV program on Brazil’s Public TV. Brazil’s Public TV Broadcast covers the whole brazilian territory. The brazilian population is about 200 million people (98% are TV viewers).

Hoping to here from you soon,

Lara Pozzobon & Gustavo Acioli