State of the Union Word Cloud #SOTU #SOTU4PWD

Every year Day in Washington has been proud to provide a word cloud of the State of the Union speech.  Repetition is often a major rhetorical strategy used for emphasis. Word it Out generates word clouds based on the text input to the system. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. It is a an easy visual way to illustrate that emphasis. Of course, emphasis can also be obtained by word choice, order, or other rhetorical tools so this is by no means the ONLY way to view the SOTU speech. But it is fun. 🙂


For a more accessible format, WordCounter offers similar information in a more specific structure:

Word Frequency
american 53
job 41
year 37
america 32
tax 31
right 27
new 27
work 26
one 26
get 25