The New Day in Washington

DayinWashingtonLogoYes, Day in Washington is back.  I hadn’t quite anticipated this but it seems there is still a need for policy and legislative analysis on disability issues.  🙂 However, there are a few changes.  Day in Washington is now part of the Lead On Network.  From their website:

The Lead On Network works to share the knowledge, expertise and resources that are necessary to promote individual leadership and engagement that can foster a society that is inclusive of individuals with disabilities.

We support and promote projects and programs that are designed and developed with disability as a core component but that address broader issues around justice and equality regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation status or ability.

In addition, we provide information, educational opportunities, training, technical assistance, social media support, and consulting services to individuals, organizations, public and private sector entities.

The Lead On Update is our flagship resource, providing an aggregation of significant disability-related news and media articles as well as original content, articles, and video programming. Published weekly, the Update is a one-stop shop to learn what is happening in the disability community.

Also, we’re moving to video! Day in Washington will now be available on Youtube.  Exciting things are ahead.


Day Al-Mohamed

PS And yes, we DO have a new logo too.